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Migrate your sites from b2evolution to WordPress in minutes.


This utility will help you migrate your sites from b2evolution to WordPress in minutes, no matter the size of or the number of posts you have. The script imports b2evolution blogs, categories, posts, comments, files and users into existing WordPress system. The target WordPress system does not need to be brand new (although it is recommended). Existing content will not be removed or modified in any way.

BIMP Importer script has an extensive list of options allowing you to fine-tune the import process to your needs. If you're looking for an easy yet powerful solution to migrate your b2evolution system to WordPress, this script is for you. It will make roughly 99% of the job required to migrate your b2evolution sites to WordPress, all you will need to do is make a few changes to your theme, and adjust .htaccess rules to properly redirect imported images. Your old back-links and page ranks will not be lost.

BIMP Importer started as a simple helper script back in 2013 and since then emerged into a powerful standalone utility. The author of this script has created more than 50 plugins for b2evolution and WordPress.

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Anonymous: It works perfectly as described: from b2evolution 3.3.3 to WordPress 3.3.2 in a minute!!!!

Emin: I had the chance to try this one before it was released, for regular b2 blogs it should make the migration a breeze, ie; you will be done before you know it (:

Paul: That worked like a charm and I have my site imported into word press. Thanks a lot for all your assistance and making the script. It was worth every penny and saved me lot of work.

Richard: That worked brilliantly (after I figured out that the blog ID integer was not the default "1" for me). I'm glad it worked and very happy to pay/recommend to friends.

Anibal: Alex is a good professional, and the importer ran fine. My site is now under WordPress perfectly. Thank you very much.

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